Adelphic earns industry leading CSAT Ratings

At Adelphic, close partnership with customers is in our DNA. Our services team is deeply invested in solutions, insights, and performance of our customers. Semi-annually, we conduct a survey used to measure strengths and areas for development for our services team as well as product. Our most recent survey, conducted in Q1 2016, showed that customers rated their overall satisfaction with Adelphic services at 92%.   This marks the fourth straight quarter of a 90 percent or higher satisfaction rating for consistently providing industry-leading services.

“Our key focus is on providing world-class services alongside the best technology solutions, and developing customer loyalty for life,” said George Tarnopolsky, Adelphic’s Director of Account Management. “Our goal is to develop our clients into savvy Mobile and Cross-Device buyers, and to help make them and their brands wildly successful. We’re thrilled that the feedback from our clients continues to be so strong–a testament to the exemplary services provided by our team.”

Clients were asked to rate Adelphic Services on a scale of 1-5 across multiple dimensions, including: Product and Technical Skills, Timeliness, Proactiveness, Communication Skills, and Satisfaction Overall.

The Adelphic Q1 2016 Satisfaction Survey showcased that:

  • We demonstrate a sense of urgency: clients rated at 92% their Adelphic team’s Timeliness and speed to resolve issues and questions.
  • We strive to educate through every interaction: clients rated at 92% their Adelphic team’s Communication skills.
  • We are domain experts: clients rated at 91% their Adelphic team’s Product and Technical skills.
  • We aim to actively map solutions to client needs, for example by actively monitoring client campaigns and suggesting recommendations to drive improvements. Clients rated at 89% their Adelphic team’s Proactiveness.

The Q1 Satisfaction Survey was conducted in March 2016 via an online survey. We received forty five responses, for a response rate of fifteen percent.   Alongside the aggregate results, we dived deep into results by Account and by Account Manager in order to reward strengths and to drive individual areas of improvement.

Select client testimonials:

[OurAdelphic Account Manager] has been a great asset to me on my campaigns. He always gives great tips and offers suggestions to make my campaigns more successful.

[Our Adelphic Account Manager] is one of the greatest Account Managers we work with – he is constantly looking for ways to help our campaigns perform better and help us out. 11/10

[Our Adelphic Account Manager] is our lifeline. He helps us at off hours – late at night, weekends. He also gets an unbelievable amount of requests from various members of the team and always gets an answer for us.

[Our Adelphic Account Manager] is superb and has enabled us to scale quickly

[Adelphic Product] has been developed to address our needs exactly. It’s not over complicated like a lot of other DSPs, its straight forward, and it works.

[In the Adelphic Product], the performance matrix and Adelphic’s CTR maximizer are phenomenal features that set the DSP apart a lot [in the market].

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